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Welcome to the Tremont City Police Department website. I hope the information on this site will assist you in better understanding how the Tremont City Police Department operates and the services we offer to the residents of Tremont City. 

All officers have the primary duty of ensuring the safety of all the citizens of the village as well as the large number of individuals that travel through the village daily. The auxiliary officers are fully trained as sworn police officers who volunteer their time to help patrol the village and serve its citizens.
Our department patrols over three square miles of land, including many business. Many of our duties consist of but are not limited to: community policing, patrolling, business checks, house checks, responding to calls for service and traffic enforcement.
The police department is dispatched through the Clark County Sheriff Office along with several other law enforcement agencies in Clark County.

Our Mission

The mission of the Tremont City Police Department is to provide the community with excellence in service in all aspects through community policing and increased officer training. 

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Village Ordinance

ORD 2015-02
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ORD 2008-11
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